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Language of Ethics in Aristotle: Facets of Inexactness and Appearance (in Books One – Four). Part I

In the First Book of Nicomachean Ethics that can be considered as the introduction of Aristotle to this treatise, with different wordings but a shared tenet many times he mentions to the methodic points that should be taken into consideration by his students at the school and readers of this writing. For these points are materialized and manifested in the teaching, speaking and writing of its maker and introducer too, and we should not take them at face value. As a result, having a precise conception and understanding of these points that function as guiding steps are very crucial for according to Aristotle, “well begun is half done”.
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Plato against Platonism

The elaboration of “isms” is not something we find only in humanities, not at all. Even in scientific areas one can find a tendency to making generalizations of models that surpass the heterogenic and instable natural order of things. Actually, it is proper of science to built generalizations. In other words, the scientific thought creates “isms” all the time. Imagine a research on Physics in which the researcher aims to study the behavior of a specific crystal submitted to wide a range of temperatures...
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