Vladan Klement

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech republic
Research Interests: Ethics, Moral relativism, Political philosophy, Philosophy of urbanism
"I am from Czech republic, where I'm studying PhD level now. Philosophy is my interest since I was attending elementary school - I've started to read political commentaries. For my university studies I've chosen philosophy and I'm still continuing it.
I've spent over one year studying abroad - 6 months in Lyon, France and over 7 months in Wroclaw, Poland. In Lyon I've discovered the field of Philosophy of urbanism, to which I'm partly focused in my PhD work; in Wroclaw I've studied Political philosophy and public relations.
My bachelor and master thesis' were focused on moral relativism, especially on work of Jesse Prinz.
These days I'm awaiting my first article to be published - my speech from international conference which was held in Wroclaw in autumn 2014.
I love exploring new cultures and ways of thinking - in my PhD work I am focused to the moral relativism, which is established by cultural differences. That's way is meeting new cultures also part of my job".

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