Thiago Magalhães

University of Sao Paulo
Research interests: Modern philosophy, Philosophy of humor, Brazil philosophy
“I am from Brazil, graduated in psychology and master in philosophy (University of Sao Paulo). My contact with philosophy was somewhat late, it happened when I was studying psychology. Soon I realize that my heart was there, at the sphere of thought. This double formation allowed me to explore the relations between thought and psyche. I´m interested in social critic and subjectivity; social aspects of individual unconsciousness; critics of psychoanalysis; modern philosophy in special Hume, Kant, F. H. Jacobi, Schopenhauer. Since 2010, I have been working hardly on Nietzsche’s philosophy, with an additional attention to French readers of Nietzsche like Pierre Klossowski, Georges Bataille and Gilles Deleuze. I also develop research on philosophy of laughter, ancient philosophy, skepticism and Socratic irony. I´m a member of IAPH - The International Association for the Philosophy of Humor. I intend to write about different topics on modern philosophy, contemporary philosophy and reflections about Brazil culture and politics.”

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