Osvaldo Cunha Neto

University of Campinas – Unicamp - Brazil
Research interests: Ancient Philosophy, Plato, Sophistry
"My first contact with Philosophy came at the end of high school. From Public school to University, from the beginnings to today, the Philosophy touches me as something familiar, but at the same time intriguing. I taught the discipline of Philosophy in school for a decade addressing mainly Antiquity. I did my Master’s degree in Classical Studies on a dissertation about the sophist Protagoras with a translation (into Brazilian Portuguese) of Plato’s dialogue on this sophist. I'm interested in Ancient Philosophy since I started my academic journey. In this topic I realized that thoughts defended as contemporary ones, actually are older than I could imagine. It is unbelievable and amazing find in Classics issues that are connected with my world. It urges me seek understanding about basic concepts such as: Philosophy, Rhetoric, Dialectic, Sophistry, Literary genre, Authorship, and so on. Among all these topics, I'm especially interested in studying Sophistry. My doctoral research is concerned in rethinking possible ways to define Sophistry, which necessarily implies rethinking the very foundations that characterize the Philosophy. By his polysemy and polyvalence, Plato is, among all, the author who instigates me the most"

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