DO Kien-Trung

School of Humanities Kobe University
Research Interests: Greek philosophy, Pragmatism

"I love philosophy. I want to explore the life. I love knowledge. I like to contemplate, meditate on everything. Despite the fact that the philosophy area in Vietnam is less developed, besides very dogmatic and rigid, I still pursue a passion to explore the horizon of knowledge. What I’ve learned in 2013 when I was in Greece for the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy , the cradle of human philosophy, which is let love knowledge, cherish it, be treasured every moment we live to explore and learn. This force has motivated me to go beyond the environment philosophy inherently conservative in my country, and to find my own way. I want to explore human dignity, explain where we come from, what purpose make we exist, what is awaiting for us after we die, what is happiness, what is suffering, what is freedom, etc. These questions have pushed me to find out Japan, a place where is a crossroads between the respectability, calm of the Oriental and the innovation, progress of the Western, a place which always makes me ask the question to explore".

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