“Quantum” is the Metaphysical Dimension of Nature

It does not intend to be another interpretation, but the formulation of a new philosophy inspired by quantum notions. “Quantum” interpretations are inadequate as they are classic ways of understanding non-classic phenomena.

This is a philosophy that presents problems of unknown difficulty for philosophers since they bring about scientific revolutions. It is an uncharted path; it has not been formulated yet; everything must be rebuilt. “Quantum-philosophical” hypotheses build accelerators through which an infinite and a great interplay of ideas circulate widely, preventing knowledge from being isolated, blocked or hampered between disciplinary barriers.

My aim is to develop something completely new that can help us move away from standard patterns. It implies transforming categories and expanding concepts in order to build this new way of thinking that can allow us to re-found knowledge beyond what can be calculated and foreseen. In spite of significant scientific progress in recent years, great anomalies reveal important limitations of the standard paradigm since it does not consider the functioning of the Cosmos as a result of the interaction and implexion of quantum entities and human beings. The interaction and implexion are two of the most unusual novelties that quantum physics has contributed with to describe the metaphysical dynamics of nature; there is nothing similar to this in classical physics. This scenario requires new models, new formalisms and new axioms that could solve transcendental issues. A new program that models a web of interactions between symbols, complex objects, technological objects and existential issues is needed. Contemporary problems cannot be solved with already known tools; they are completely new and are related to interactive processes which cause a disruption in the traditional way of thinking.  Understanding these processes demands the incorporation of strategies that have never been used before when thinking, and this means that quantum phenomena should be addressed from a non -classical perspective, that is, leaving what has encapsulated the cogito and to pass on to our decedents how to produce an existential disruption to expand intelligibility to be able to understand the natural implexion between life-energy-matter-intelligence. This expansion implies a great intellectual and spiritual effort which may give rise to an opportunity for the emergence of a better human being, under the “homo” category, that is to say, a wise human being committed to Nature and aware of collective responsibility.

Renewing philosophy with quantum notions may have a direct impact on the social phenomena and it may cause the rise of the humanism of the third millennium.  My intention is to displace problems and hypothesis from quantum to the philosophy field to produce the new knowledge. Concepts are expanded in such displacement.

Intelligence is one of the concepts to be expanded: intelligence is not exclusively a human quality; it has the quality of ubiquity. Quantum entities are not in a vegetative state,  but in an active state; they are live organisms that carry the intelligent code of the Cosmos. Quantum entities interact and this interaction does not diminish with distance as there is no distance for them. Simultaneity and instantaneity are present in this interaction. Quantum entities are not essential by themselves, they become essential when interacting, and they are more real than the sensitive world. When interacting they form complex states and their behaviour becomes collective, which is qualitatively different from individual behaviour; it is not the sum of individual states but a neo-structure. Quantum entities escape like slaves leaving Plato`s cave because they free themselves from fixed forms and limits. That is why the term “mechanics” is not enough to describe the quantum entities; they are beyond mechanics, which is why, “Quantum” is the Metaphysical Dimension of Nature.

Intelligence is placed just in the interaction, in the wave function in the quantum medium. Quantum entities are together with human beings co-creators of what is perceived; a fact which is definitely a breakthrough in the anthropocentric model of intelligence; hence, intelligence is not exclusive of the realm of human beings but it is scattered all over the Cosmos. This is why the laws of Nature are intelligible to humans, intelligibility is no accident, and the laws of Nature are intelligible to humans because they themselves were part of these laws making process. Human-Cosmos implexion assures nature’s intelligibility. The implexion of quantum entities releases essential energy that as a swarm of information becomes observable matter. That is how the vibration of a thought makes our DNA vibrate and the vibration of our DNA makes the Cosmos vibrate.

The physicist Christophe Galfard named his work The Universe in Your Hand; and I would say The Cosmos in Each One of Your Cells. It does not mean that everything is stardust, but that everything is information and energy from the Cosmos. Our eyes, every single hair of any animal, flowers, each grain of soil and sand, and each drop of water, each drop of our blood, neurons, bones and skin have information from the Cosmos. Whatever exists and is called to exist has information from the Cosmos. We are the conscious Cosmos.  Life vibrates as a constellation in which all the elements interact biologically by means of threads of energy contained in quantum entities and so the coherent and the harmonic evolution pattern is activated recovering memories of what we know, the eternity that holds us up. That makes us realise that we are all one since separateness is not real.

An experiment is another concept that should be expanded: it gets wider and modifies the status of its classical voices, verification, falsation and empiria, invalidating the dichotomies observer/ observed; interior/ exterior, and overcoming reductionism. This expansion makes a shapeless tree of answers grow, which gives rise to a n-dimensional labyrinth in which the unspeakable, the invisible and the impossible are real.

I agree with Etienne Klein when she states that “physicists have no choice but to wonder again about the texture of “Real” (Réel).

In quantum physics the observer calls, makes existence be by the act of observing or thinking. Therefore, something only exists because it is observed and thought. What would it be of Cosmos if it were not thought? Quantum phenomena could no longer be explained by visual representations because knowledge is no longer limited to direct experience. It could not be referred to as “object” when the said entity has the capacity to exist in forms completely unimaginably. Could it be referred to as object when what exists is the result of interactions? However, if the focus is not on the experiment, but on the hypothesis, an acceleration of ideas is generated and the Archimedes phrase “Give me a point of support and I will move the earth” can be changed to “Give me a hypothesis and the Cosmos will be revealed”. This is how quantum physics makes the oldest Greek questions be renewed, and so, it gives rise to contemporary metaphysical issues.

Author: Viviana Yaccuzzi Polisena

Published 28.11.2017

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