• Alexandra Kocherova

    Alexandra Kocherova

    Information Technology University, Moscow, Russia Scientific Interests: Pedagogy, History, East and Greek philosophy, History of art, Psychology. "My friends call…

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  • Mostafa Younesie

    Mostafa Younesie

    Philadelphia, USA Education 2001- PhD. in Western Political/Ethical Thoughts: Classical Greek and Roman,  Tarbiat Modares University (Logos and polis in Plato).…

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  • Viviana Yaccuzzi Polisena

    Viviana Yaccuzzi Polisena

    Philosophy and Language School, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina – UCA, Argentina; Philosophy and Humanities School, Universidad Católica de Córdoba -…

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  • Kasper Johansen

    Kasper Johansen

    University of Copenhagen, Denmark Areas of philosophical interest: History of philosophy (Particular in area of ancient Greek philosophy). Process philosophy.…

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  • Alexey Strizhov

    Alexey Strizhov

    Lobachevsky State University, Russia Scientific interests: cultural hegemony, nonviolence revolution, biopoitics. For me the most interesting theme in philosophy –…

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  • Oleg Basov

    Oleg Basov

    Translator International Humanitarian Linguistic Institute, Moscow, Russia Scientific interests: Psycholinguistics, Comparative linguistics, History philosophy, Gnoseology Usual biographical particulars can tell…

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  • Martina Ivičič

    Martina Ivičič

    Masaryk University, Czech republic During the studies at Theory of interactive media at Masaryk University in Brno I´ve been interested…

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  • DO Kien-Trung

    DO Kien-Trung

    School of Humanities Kobe University Research Interests: Greek philosophy, Pragmatism "I love philosophy. I want to explore the life. I…

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  • Eugene Loginov

    Eugene Loginov

    Moscow State University, Russia логинов Research interests: pragmatism, history of philosophy, analytical philosophy “My main research interest is the history…

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