Viviana Yaccuzzi Polisena

  • Professor in Philosophy, UNNE. Argentina
  • Magíster in Human and Social Sciences. Minor in Philosophy.
    Specialization: Logic, Philosophy, Science History and Sociology. Université Paris 1- Panthéon. SORBONNE. France.
  • Graduate in Philosophy of Science. Minor: Physics Philosophy. IFICC.  Institute of Philosophy and Sciences of Complexity. Chile.
  • Doctorate in progress. Thesis: Philosophers' reception of Quantum Theory.
  • Researcher at the Epistemology Institute (Instituto de Epistemología), Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. UNT.
  • Visiting Scholar at L’Université de Philosophie Jean Moulin Lyon 3. France.
  • Topic: La Réception par les Philosophes de la Mécanique Quantique.
  • Writer on Philosophy at Rosebud digital magazine. Rosebud – Critica, scrittura, giornalismo online.
  • Associate Editor in SOCRATES JOURNAL.
  • SOCRATES is an international, multi-lingual, multi-disciplinary refereed and indexed scholarly journal produced as part of the Harvard Dataverse Network.

"I'm working on the troublesome question of how to shift issues and problems from Quantum Theory to the scope of Philosophy; to fulfill the requirements for the birth of a new rationality that brings closer Science and Philosophy. And thus to update the intelligibility of the natural order, forging an expansion of concepts and categories in an effort to achieve the vortex of innovation. The expansion process allows each space to expand it to other spaces, and in turn, each concept generates other concepts which are transformed into knowledge. The idea of expansion is basic only has a design value thanks to the expansion-helping concepts. This approach allows working with unknown objects and generating definition changes. There is an enhancement to new truths, new concepts are created, and the borders of knowledge are set further away, solving new problems. My axiom of progress is Hypotheses Fingo (inverting the Newtonian axiom) because the power of interrogation leads to the deployment of metaphysical questioning, with hypotheses that address again Greek problems to be examined under a contemporary look, which generates new inspirations and reeducates perception and language. Quantum Theory transforms our conception of Nature and that's an ontological, epistemic and ethic question. The goal is to unveil the influence, effort and leadership of Philosophy in the birth and development of new theories that give birth to XXI century science.

The interactions between Philosophy and Quantum Theory modify the building of this new knowledge. Outside of all interpretations, I put forward that Quantum Theory is no physics nor mechanics but Metaphysics. Renewed, updated Metaphysics. I also propose that quantum entities are intelligent, bringing the DNA from the Cosmos, storing information from the future that can change the present, what's called inverse causality. Humans interact with the Cosmos, and in this interaction give their thought. Thought is energy".

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