Oleg Basov


International Humanitarian Linguistic Institute, Moscow, Russia

Scientific interests: Psycholinguistics, Comparative linguistics, History philosophy, Gnoseology

Usual biographical particulars can tell about me a little, as well as about that why I am here. And I am here because I am a translator who very much loves philosophy. The philosophy has taught me to look more widely at usual things and to do the boldest speculations whatever improbable they seemed. If in due time I was not fond of works of philosophers, then I have hardly shown interest in some aspects of linguistics. For example, I would not be fond of questions of relationship between language, being and thinking. I would not open for myself a wide area of the researches directed to studying of relationship between being and consciousness in his language manifestation, I would never considered language as spiritual energy and cognitive activity of the person, unlike purely nominalistically view of language as a system of signs.


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