Martina Ivičič

Masaryk University, Czech republic

During the studies at Theory of interactive media at Masaryk University in Brno I´ve been interested in Artificial life (digital counterpart or simulation of living processes) which was also the topic of my diploma thesis.
Nowadays I implement my knowledge at Masaryk University as a lecturer of Artificial Life Art and Audio-visual seminar (topics related to the history of media art).
I am a member of a professional online magazine JoinMe dedicated to the theoretical reflections of new media. I´ve been organizing various exhibition projects and have experience in publishing and curatorial practice. Within the research activities of my PhD study at Theory and history of science I focus on the research of digital media transition to a new form of biological arts and what it means biological arts in the context of art history and rectangle art-science-technology. This "new" form of art brings upon many questions relating to our relationship with nature, relationship of technology and nature and represents turning point in the routing of culture.

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