Eugene Loginov

Moscow State University, Russia логинов
Research interests: pragmatism, history of philosophy,
analytical philosophy
“My main research interest is the history of philosophy, especially the history of analytic philosophy and pragmatism in context of their German and British origins. My own philosophical interest to problems of general metaphysics and ontology of consciousness springs from my historical studies. I believe that today is possible to make the interesting metaphysics using a phenomenological method, formal logic and pragmatic theory of knowledge. In order not to lose myself completely in texts and speculations I sometimes force myself to look at professional philosophy from the point of view of a social anthropologist, to see philosophers as an interesting tribe with their own traditions and customs. Since one of the most important structural oppositions of our “tribe” is an “professor-student” opposition, I should say that I consider myself to be a student of professors who work in Department of the History of Foreign Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of Lomonosov State University, especially professor Vadim Vasiliev and associate professors Dmitry Bugai and Anna Kostikova. “Being in tribe” also means “being a clansman”, so I am a member of the “clan” of Moscow Philosophical Cafe and one of the editors of the philosophical magazine that is called “Date palm Compote””

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