Alexey Strizhov

Lobachevsky State University, Russia

Scientific interests: cultural hegemony, nonviolence revolution, biopoitics.

For me the most interesting theme in philosophy – it’s its practical side. There are theoretical reflections about concrete cases. I should say about inspirational personalities in history of ideas, too. Some people were trying to apply ideals to real life, like Plato in Sicily. It’s a real philosophy, because it’s a real life.

Today, in XXI century, we know a lot of methods to reform our social life. It’s not “hards” totalitarian methods only. We should ask a question: how social-economic and cultural spheres submit our contemporary life? Why we should be an “effective”? Compare personal values with cultural injutions. Can you say me that you are normal and you are not pervert person?

If we would like to generalize these questions, than two serious themes are: 1)The absorption pervert person to “normal” society; 2) evolution pervert positions in new dominate point of view, as a new system of values in concrete society.

Firstly, I am interested in texts of philosophy of practice (like N. Machiavelli or A. Gramsci), historians (like M. Foucault) and political scientists (like G. Sharp).

My postgraduate program “Social philosophy” was finished last year. I work in spheres of journalism and public relations. In the future I would like to continue my teacher practice, when I will have theory and real cases of it’s application.

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