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Urbanism – an overlooked field of the philosophical inquire

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to briefly introduce the philosphy of urbanism and show the reasons, why the philosophers should be interested in this field. The paper is supposed to have two parts - the descriptive one, and the quazi-normative one, in which is the author arguing for the connection link between urbanism and moral philosophy of Jesse Prinz. In the second part the author will be defending the connection between moral emotions (sentiments) and the nature of urbanism thinking...
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The comic view of history in Nietzsche’s genealogy

Man writes down history making it objective, taking it as real as a present event. Man also tells a joke as a short story, not least historical for its comical and absurd outcomes. In fact, we organize series of events constantly: from yesterday to today, we reconstruct series of regressive causal relations in order to organize and evaluate what past is...
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