• Thiago Magalhães

    Thiago Magalhães

    University of Sao Paulo Research interests: Modern philosophy, Philosophy of humor, Brazil philosophy “I am from Brazil, graduated in psychology…

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  • Vladan Klement

    Vladan Klement

    Masaryk University, Brno, Czech republic Research Interests: Ethics, Moral relativism, Political philosophy, Philosophy of urbanism "I am from Czech republic,…

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  • Valerij Isajev

    Valerij Isajev

    State University in Kuban, Russia In my early childhood I used to analyze quite serious question: what will be when…

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  • Zhanna Mamedova

    Zhanna Mamedova

    Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic I have entered philosophy quite unexpectedly. When I was a senior high school student…

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